Appliance installation

Dishwashers, fridges, washing machines and insinkerators are just a few of the appliances that require water supply in order to function as intended.

A dishwasher ready to be turned on.

We understand how difficult some appliances can be to install. This is especially true for appliances that require a water supply. Aside from the possible need to install additional pipes or divert existing ones to be used for the appliance, there is always the need for the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done – and this is what our appliance installation service is all about.

We also understand how quickly you need these appliances working, so we can organise a time which suits you and install your appliances so you can go back to enjoying your time rather than spending it manually doing what these appliances can do.

If you need advice regarding how these appliances can be installed, or if you suspect the plumbing of an existing appliance is faulty or in need of replacement, please give us a call. We’ve dealt with many different makes and models of dishwashers, washing machines, insinkerators and fridges, and are happy to help.

Though there are a number of plumbing services that offer appliance installation, not many of them do it like Absolute Plumbing Solutions. Tell us what appliance you need installed, and we can install it quickly and efficiently, interfering in your daily routines and operations as little as possible.

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