The cause behind a blockage can be varied and difficult to understand at first glance, so we use a range of diagnostic services to find out why your drains are blocked. This ensures you’re protected in the long term rather than for a week or a month. Below is a recent picture of a blocked drain we fixed. As you can see, with the proper techniques and technology the pipe can be quickly unblocked.

Blocked drain before and after

We use industry-standard diagnostic and maintenance tools to find out what’s blocking your drain. These include:

CCTV camera inspection

Finding out what’s wrong with your drainage system doesn’t need to come with expensive excavations. We use a CCTV probe system which allows us to see exactly what’s happening when water moves through your pipes. This gives us a clear idea of how to fix the problem for good.

What’s more, we’ll supply the footage to you. This way you can decide on a course of action or get a second opinion.

PVC sewer pipes

Rootx treatment

Tree roots can sometimes break into pipes, causing huge damage to your plumbing system and as a result create blockages in your drains. Rootx is known as one of the most effective herbicide treatments to stop this. Once poured into your pipe, it foams on contact with water. This foam carries the herbicide to the top of the pipe where the roots are generally found, and kills them. A thin layer of Rootx is left behind after the roots are destroyed and help to ward off future root problems.

Rootx is also non-caustic, doesn’t fumigate and isn’t systemic – it only kills the roots it comes into contact with, so your trees aren’t poisoned.

It’s also doesn’t contain harmful chemicals such as diquat dibromide, copper sulfate or metam sodium.

Jetting equipment

There are many reasons why a drain could be blocked. Food blockages, mineral deposits, soap scum, grease, hair and tree roots are just some of the causes behind a blocked pipe. This requires the use of either a jetter, which is a high pressure power washer, or an electric eel, which is an abrasive cable with a cutter attached to one end.

A jetter is fed into your pipe, from where it can be turned on to instantly remove blockages. If tree roots are a problem, it’s sometimes useful to use a jetter to instantly clear your pipes, followed by a Rootx treatment to provide some longer term protection.

If you have stubborn grease or frozen pipe lines, we can employ a hot water jetter to get your pipes clear again.

Jetters have a number of benefits over the traditional electric eel. Most of the benefits are attributed to the fact that a jetter uses high pressure water to clear pipes. This means debris and tree roots are cleanly cut and washed away in as little as 30 minutes. An electric eel is slowly fed into the pipe. As it comes into contact with the root it cuts the roots and can leave the debris behind which can cause further blockages.

Electric eel

The electric eel is a time-proven piece of equipment for removing blockages in piping, and still has its uses for the modern plumber, so Absolute Plumbing Solutions can still use an electric eel if you feel it’s necessary. Additionally, you may not have the access required for a jetting system or the running of hoses, so the electric eel may be a good option in this case.

Pipe relining

What happens when you have a broken pipe in your backyard or frontyard? You’ve spent thousands on landscaping and driveways, so why should you have to dig this all up to get access to a few pesky pipes?

A plumber from Absolute Plumbing Solutions will push a special liner through your old pipes. This liner will unroll as it enters the piping, and can even fit through 90 degree bends and pipes which step up and down into different diameters. Once our expert plumber is happy with the relining process the epoxy resin in the liner is cured and sets hard in place. You’re then free to enjoy a fully functioning pipe system free from the hassles of digging.

Skilled plumbers

We have skilled plumbers on board with a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for your job. As soon as you call our emergency plumbing service, we send our people right away– and they know exactly what to do and how to go about with your plumbing job requirements. Our people are professional, courteous, and fast. They are trained to perform plumbing jobs with minimal interference to your daily chores. As much as we invest in all the latest tools and equipment for our clients’ plumbing needs, we also invest in our people, constantly upgrading their skills and knowledge in the industry and having them better equipped for the job.