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Incorrect or poorly finished gas fitting and installation can result in gas leaks which not only increase your energy bills, but can also have a harmful effect on your health. While large gas leaks are easily noticed due to their hissing sound and smell, small leaks can go unnoticed and persist for an extended period. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about gas fitting, installation and gas leak repair in Sydney.

Why is quality gas fitting so important?

Gas fitting needs to be done by qualified professionals so that installation and repairs are completed professionally and safely. Gas leaks can result in a silent indoor air pollution that can pose serious health and fire hazards in your home. Gas fitting is therefore an essential service to your gas line installation that ensures safety for you and your family.  Read on to learn more.

What is gas fitting?

Gas fitting is the process of installing and servicing natural gas systems, appliances and fixtures in residential, commercial or industrial areas. It is usually done by a licensed gas fitter to ensure safety, and if done by an untrained person it can be extremely unsafe. For example, a qualified gas fitter is needed to install a heating system when a new building is constructed in Australia, install gas-run systems and appliances in residential properties and make repairs to them if necessary.

Gas leaks – common signs and causes

It may be difficult to notice any gas leaks in your home unless you know the signs and symptoms of a gas leak. Gas leaks are often caused by old ill maintained appliances, poorly fitted appliances and/or incorrectly installed pipes. Here is a rundown of common signs of gas leaks that you should look out for:

  • Rotten egg smell. In its original state, natural gas is odourless and colourless, which can make a leak dangerous as you wouldn’t be able to tell. To avoid this, utility companies add mercaptan to natural gas, which gives off a sulfur or rotten-egg smell that is hard to miss for safety purposes. So anytime you notice this smell in your home, it’s a sign that you may have a gas leak.
  • Abnormally high gas bills. It’s possible for a gas leak to be silent, meaning it will be hidden from your sight and linger for a long time. The effects of such a silent leak will be reflected on your gas bills. If you are experiencing higher than average bills, then this is a sign that you are potentially dealing with a gas leak.
  • Yellow flames. The color of the flames when using your gas appliances should be blue. If you notice yellow or brown flames, your appliance could be leaking gas.
  • Health concerns. Nausea, fatigue, headaches, difficulty breathing, drowsiness, dizziness or being light-headed can be physical symptoms associated with exposure to gas leaks. If you notice these symptoms in conjunction with the other signs on this list you may have a gas leak.
  • Dead houseplants. The carbon monoxide resulting from gas leaks replaces the oxygen that plants need to survive. If your house plants turn brown and begin to wither suddenly, it can be a sign of gas leaking out of the pipes.

How we fix gas leaks

A qualified gas fitting plumber from Absolute Plumbing Solutions will shut off the gas immediately and carry out proper testing and inspection to identify any loose connections on your pipes and appliances and locate the leak. 

The leak inspection and testing procedure may involve accessing gas lines in the wall, isolating lines, exerting air pressure on the lines, excavating underground lines and using soapy water on exposed fittings to find the leak. When the leak is located, our plumber will assess how severe it is, give you a quote for the repair, and seal or replace the leaking pipes or appliances as required to restore the safety of your home.

Gas installation

Gas fitting in Australia for both residential and business situations must be carried out by a professional and licensed gas fitter. According to Australian standards, the inlet connection of your gas meter to the gas main must be carried out by a licensed gas distribution company. Also, installations of natural gas appliances and equipment must be done by a licensed gas fitting plumber. These regulations are meant to avert any instances of danger by ensuring the safety of your family and property.

Connecting your home to gas

The gas connection process is quite simple. A gas inlet service line from your gas meter is connected to the gas main in the street. This connection allows the gas to run from the gas main to your property. A gas fitter then installs pipes, gas meter, and bayonets; all of which form the gas outlet service running from your meter, and connected to your installed gas-run appliances and other gas-run systems.

Gas-powered hot water

Gas-powered hot water is a system that uses LPG or natural gas to power a burner that heats water for instant use (continuous flow system) or in storage (hot water tank system). The hot water tank system comes on automatically to heat and maintain the temperature of the water stored in the tank to a set degree. The tank is insulated to maintain the heat over a long period. 

A continuous flow system uses a copper-coils burner to heat water instantaneously as it passes through them. It doesn’t store water but heats it on the go as needed. Though a gas-powered hot water system is expensive to buy and install than an electric system, it is cheaper to run and maintain.

Gas heating for a BBQ

A gas barbecue grill uses natural gas or propane as a source of fuel to generate heat. It is great for outdoor cooking, and more environmentally cleaner than other outdoor sources of energy such as charcoal and wood. Aussies just love a good BBQ and cooking with gas is the best way to have a BBQ outdoors.

Gas cooktops

Gas cooktops may be a standalone device or integrated with an oven. They have one or more gas burners for applying heat to the base of cooking vessels. They also consist of pilot lights, or integral lighters and an arrangement to regulate the rate of burning. Gas cooktops are generally more energy efficient than electric cooktops.

Commercial gas kitchen equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment is commonly found in hotels and restaurants all across Australia and mostly uses gas instead of electricity for cooking. Gas is by far the preferred choice for commercial food and hospitality businesses because it heats up quicker, allows for greater control over temperatures and is easier to clean and maintain.

How much does it cost to have a gas leak repaired or gas installed in my home?

There is no one size fits all when it comes to the cost of gas installation because every job is different. In Australia, most gas fitting and piping jobs cost anywhere between $75/hr for simple gas fitting repair jobs to $90/her for complex installations and repairs. Here is a ballpark of the approximate cost of various gas fitting jobs and repairs.

Gas fitting/repair jobCost
Repairing a leak$290 – $1200
Installing a gas hot water system$1850
Installing a gas into a home$1100
Installing a gas heater$1650
Installing a gas stove$390
Installing a gas for a BBQ$290 – $390


Frequently asked questions about gas leaks and installation.

Is natural gas cheaper than electricity in Australia?

Natural gas is far cheaper than electricity in Australia and using all-gas appliances in your home can save you money and lower your utility bill by up to 30 percent.

Do you need a plumber to hook up a gas stove?

To be able to hook up a gas stove, you need a gas line to be installed in your home first and this will require the services of a professional gas fitting plumber. It is therefore reasonable to call a licensed gas fitter to do it for you. 

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Improper gas fitting, installation and leak repairs can pose health, safety and fire hazards in your home, and they require careful handling by a professional gas fitting expert. Here at Absolute Plumbing Solutions, our gas fitting plumbers will take care of all your gas leaks and provide you with quality installation to keep your precious home safe from any fire or health hazards. Give us a call at 0421714322 or email us to get a direct quote.

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