We offer a wide range of hot water services, including installing, maintaining and repairing your hot water systems – whatever it may be. Just give us a call and we will come up with the best means to fix your system right away.
We have experience and knowledge working with gas electric heaters, instantaneous heaters, solar heaters, gas boosted solar heater and heat pumps.

Gas electric heater

Gas electric heaters are one of the most convenient means of heating water. Natural gas, or liquefied petroleum gas may be used for this kind of heating system, and is piped into your home through gas mains. Benefits to having this kind of heater at home includes cost-efficiency, ease of use, and convenient heat control. This kind of water heater can also be installed in any part of your home, so no need to make much room for it.

Shower head spraying water

Solar heater

Solar heaters are a great way to heat your water, do your bit for the environment and save on electricity costs. This type of system is good for heating water for bathing, cooking, cleaning, or even for heating large amounts of water such as in swimming pools. Benefits of this kind of hot water system include a guaranteed hygienic means of heating water, reduced electricity bills, and less maintenance requirements.

Gas-boosted solar heater and heat pumps

Gas boosted solar heater and heat pumps are very efficient means to heat water. If you care about the environment, this could be the best choice for your water heating needs. Aside from this, a gas-boosted solar heater and heat pump is cost-efficient.  We can upgrade your current heating system into a solar or heat pump system. With this kind of hot water source, you’ll get the heating benefits of a gas system with the electricity savings and environmental benefit of a solar system.

Electric instantaneous heater

An instantaneous water heating system is most preferred by households with just two occupants, or where only minimal hot water is required by the same household. Since this brings about a very minimal amount of hot water, it also calls for minimal energy for heating so it’s, cheaper. If you’re maintaining a household of only two persons, you should call us for the installation of an instantaneous heater in your house.

Absolute Plumbing Solutions also offers the maintenance, repair, and tempering valves for your homes, businesses, and commercial establishments. Since we are familiar with almost all the types of hot water systems, we are also very skilled in maintaining and repairing the same if need be.