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The need for a professional roof and gutter plumber cannot be overlooked when it comes to proper installation and maintenance of weatherproof roofs and gutters. Having a proper stormwater drainage system on your roof is crucial to eliminate the risk of water damage to your ceiling, soffits, facias, and any other parts of your roof structure. 

Also, a properly installed and fully functional gutter system is essential if you want to store rainwater for use in your home or garden, or just ensure a proper connection with the main drainage to dispose of the stormwater from your property. 

What does a roof and gutter plumber do?

A roof plumber is a trained plumbing professional responsible for stormwater plumbing.  Stormwater plumbing refers to the designing, installation, and maintenance of a drainage system that collects stormwater from your roof and disposes of it efficiently. 

Roof plumbing includes all of the piping and gutters associated with your roof and the collection and drainage of stormwater from your home. It also includes your roof material itself and any leaks associated with your roof. A roof plumber is responsible for any plumbing work associated with downpipes, gutters, roofs or installation of rainwater tanks. 

Common signs you may have roof or gutter plumbing issues

  • Mould. Mould and mildew reside in dark and damp places. So if you notice any growth of mould or mildew on wall cavities and ceiling spaces, it could be a sign of a small leak in your roof or gutter.
  • Water on your ceiling/walls. If you notice water spots or patches on your ceiling and walls, it can be a clear sign that your roof has a leak or other plumbing issue.
  • Clogged or leaking gutters. If you notice leaves protruding from the gutter, gutter leaks, or you don’t see water freely flowing out of your gutter downspout during a rainstorm your gutters may be clogged.
  • Water spots on exterior walls. This is a sign that the step flashing where the roof meets the wall is either damaged, loose or rusted.
  • Damaged shingles on gutters and downspouts. This is a sign that the shingles have deteriorated and need to be replaced.

Our roof and gutter plumbing services

If your roof or gutters are not properly installed, it can result in severe damage and moisture issues in your home during heavy rains storms. 

Our professional plumbers ensure that your roof and gutters are in the best condition possible and help you avoid electrical hazards, increased water bills, mould/mildew growth, damage to your walls and ceilings, and foundational erosion which can result in injuries and accidents or damages to your home. Here are our services:

Roof plumbing services

Fixing roof leaks 

The common cause of roof leakages are flashing damages, missing or broken shingles, cracked vent booting, cracked chimneys, poorly installed skylights, and clogged or blocked gutters. The best way to prevent roof leaks is to take proactive maintenance measures such as occasional cleaning of your gutter and roof. If you notice a leaky roof or gutter, call a roof plumber to inspect and detect any possible plumbing problems and perform the necessary repairs and maintenance.

We will track down the leaks, replace any damaged roof tiles or shingles and correctly seal any gaps. We will also inspect your roof to detect any signs of serious structural damage which is important if your roof is over 20 years old. 

Roof flashing repairs

Roof flashing is the thin material (usually steel)  used around roof penetrations such as skylights, vent pipes, dormers and chimneys to make them watertight. The aim is to create a weather barrier and prevent water from entering the roof structure. Poorly installed flashing can damage your tiles or cause leaks. Repairing of flashing leaks or fixing poorly installed flashing is the work of a roof plumber. 

A professional plumber from Absolute Plumbing Solutions will remove any leaves or debris in your flashing, remove hardened cement, apply roofing cement on your flashing, and use masonry screws and nails to tighten the flashing against the chimney to make it completely watertight.

Gutter plumbing services

Our gutter maintenance and repair services include:

Unclogging gutters

Clogged gutters are commonly caused by the accumulation of leaves, poorly installed gutter downspouts, or roof tile/shingle grit and debris. If left unattended, clogged gutters become conducive environments for mould and mildew growth, or for rats and birds making their home. Worse still, gutter clogging results in gutter sagging and gutter overflow. This overflow can seep into the roofing structure or the building’s foundation and cause damage. 

We will unclog and clean your gutters, install gutter guards, install rain gutter heat tapes, and ensure that your attic is properly ventilated.

Leaking gutters

The common causes of leakages in gutters are cracks, holes, and misplaced joints. They cause damage to your roof, walls, and the foundation if left to linger for too long. Our professional plumbers will fit new gaskets, seal cracks and holes with a roof-and-gutter sealant, secure joints with new nuts and bolts, and fix any mismatched joints.

Gutter pitching

Gutter pitching entails ensuring that your gutter has the required slope, called a pitch, which keeps the stormwater flowing properly to the downspouts. As screws and rackets loosen, gutters tend to settle hence losing the pitch. A gutter plumber from Absolute Plumbing Solutions will perform proper measurements to check the pitch of your gutters, adjust, and replace them properly to the right pitch to ensure effective drainage.

Gutter installation

Gutters are shallow metallic or plastic troughs installed beneath the edge of your roof to carry off rainwater coming from the roof so that it doesn’t fall directly and accumulate in your home area. 

Gutter systems are very important because they help drain away stormwater to a storage tank or the main drain. This eliminates water and moisture damages such as basement erosion or flooding, roof damage, and moisture condensation on windows and walls that can attract mould and mildew growth.

If you don’t have gutters already fitted to your home, we can help with the installation of a gutter system that is properly designed to drain rainwater away from your home.

Rainwater tanks

Rainwater tank repairs and maintenance

Common water tank issues that lead to smelly and discolored rainwater in the tank include algae growth, sediment at the base of the tank, dust and organic matter in the water, and animals such as frogs, snakes, lizards, birds and rodents inside the tank. A blocked overflow screen, blocked rainwater pipes, and an incorrect water inflow/overflow ratio are also common issues that arise often. If these problems are left to linger, they result in poor-quality water from your tanks, and water overflows from the top of the tank that can lead to foundational erosion and moisture problems.

We will clean out any strainers and unclog your tank screens, unblock your rainwater pipes, install gutter mesh, first flush diversion, and leaf and debris filters that will prevent organic matter, insects, and rodents from entering your rainwater tanks.

Rainwater tank installation    

Gutters and downpipes should be designed to properly carry rainwater from your roof and drain it away either to a rainwater tank or the main drain. Rainwater is a precious resource that you can harvest and use for laundry, watering plants, or flushing toilets. One of the ways to implement this sustainable plumbing practice is by installing a rainwater tank. A well-designed water harvesting system entails fitting gutters and installing water pipes to carry the water to your tank. You will also need to decide upon a suitable tank size depending on your requirements.

Our professional roof and gutter plumbers will ensure the correct installation of your water harvesting systems to help you reduce your water bills. We will fit your water harvesting system with leaf guards, add tank screens, and flap valves to keep insects and rodents at bay and provide sufficient vents. We will install the first-flush diverter to stop the initial dirty water from getting into your harvesting tank. Our plumber will also ensure that backflow prevention devices are put in place when connecting your rainwater system to the main drainage in keeping with Sydney Water regulations. 

Reach out to us for your roof and gutter plumbing needs

You can avoid all manner of roof and gutter problems through correct installation, timely maintenance, and preventive inspections. Absolute Plumbing Solutions has a team of experienced, professional roof and gutter plumbers who will prevent, identify, and fix all plumbing around Sydney to keep your home weatherproof. Give us a call or fill out our enquiry form to get a free quote.

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