Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your roof has been leaking after strong rains or winds, to the point that you have to use buckets just to contain the roof leaks so they don’t damage your appliances? A lot of people would think that they would rather deal with roof leaks than have someone fix it. This is because most people think that a roof plumbing job is expensive.

On the same note, gutter leaks are another household trouble in the midst of stormy weather. With a leaking, poorly maintained gutter, you can expect rainwater not to drain properly, creating a lot of other inconveniences in your home. Most people think that having a gutter plumbing service would cost them a lot, but Absolute Plumbing Solutions can provide this kind of service at a price you can afford.

Hand cleaning gutter

At Absolute Plumbing Solutions, we can:

Repair of leaks on your roof

Most plumbers would outright “repair” the leaks on your roof, applying a standard procedure in all of their clients. We differ on this matter. At Absolute Plumbing Solutions we begin our roof repair service and diagnose the overall condition of your roof. Our expert roof plumbers will check every inch of your roof to determine the root cause of the leaks and from there decide what to do about the problem.

Installation of new roof

After we have checked on the condition of your roof, we may suggest replacement if we think that it will cost you more to repair than to have new roofing installed. Settling on repairs when you need to have a new roof installed might  mean you have to call on a roof plumbing services constantly to have individual leaks repaired, incurring in more expenditures on your end.

In the installation of a new roof to your house, we consider your aesthetic requirements as well and will try to match the existing  colour.  There’s no need to worry about having a roof that is mismatched to the existing design and colour of your house as we will work with you to ensure you have a new roof that fits.

Pipes and guttering installation

At Absolute Plumbing Solutions, we believe that prevention is better than a cure, so aside from the roof and gutter repair service that we offer, we also undertake the job of having preventive measures implemented on your house. We can install new pipes and gutters that should help prevent leaks in the future.