Many see tap and shower leaks as not being worth the repairs, but the cost can add up tremendously over the years

Water rates seem to be constantly increasing, so without you knowing it, a hefty portion of your water utility consumption could be made up of leaking taps and showers. According to Sydney Water one leaking tap can waste more than 2,000 litres a month – do you want to pay for this?

Absolute Plumbing Solutions offers a tap and shower plumbing service that’s guaranteed to fix your leaking taps and shower pipes and implements. We do this in the most efficient and effective manner, ensuring that you prevent further leaks in the future. The best thing about having this kind of service is that it can cut your utility cost. Leaking taps and showers, when fixed, can bring about a lot of savings on your end.

What services do you offer?

Our tap and shower services are for fixing leaking taps and showers implements and pipes. Aside from this, we offer installation of new and more efficient taps and showers for your home, commercial establishment, or business. We believe that with taps and showers that are efficient, you are able to cut on your utility cost and use your money for more important things. Our experienced plumbers know exactly what do with your taps, showers and piping; and they know how to get it done best.

Fix leaking taps

Plumbing taps and shower leaks 2

Check your tap. Can you see some water dripping from it even after you have tried to close it with all your might? Can you see water stains forming on the basin or sink? If this is the case, then you might have a leaking tap that requires some fixing.

We will do our best to salvage your existing taps, but in the event we deem it best to have a new one installed instead, then we’ll get one at a price and design that caters to you.

Install new taps

If necessary, we will replace your existing tap with a new one. In some cases, merely repairing an existing tap is not enough to fix all the leak troubles. Instead, the installation of a new tap could be much more cost efficient on your end than constantly calling for a plumber. In this case, we’ll install a new tap, whether it is for garden taps, bath taps, shower taps, or any other taps you have in your house or business.

Fix leaking showers

Plumbing taps and shower leaks

Dampness and mildew is a common scenario for showers that are leaking. What makes matters worse is that these problems can cause a lot of destruction to your home, and if left untreated, may even bring about some health hazards to you and your family. Leaking showers are also the most common culprit for huge utility bills.

If you see mould, mildew, constant dampness, rusts, insects, or broken grout between your tiles, then you might be experiencing some leaking shower pipes.

In this case, it’s best to have a professional examine your plumbing to ensure your shower or tap is in good shape. Our wide range of experience in offering this kind of service to our clients makes us experts in leaking shower fix and repairs.

We have the necessary tools and equipment to have your leaking taps and showers repaired quickly. Our plumbers are also courteous, experienced, and experts in the industry of plumbing. You can only expect quality service from us– and that’s a promise!