Do you see water trickling into your toilet bowl after you’ve flushed your toilet? Do you have a high water utility bill? Your toilet could be leaking, and you may need a toilet repair service.

Absolute Plumbing Solutions offers a wide range of plumbing solutions including fixing toilets and cisterns in homes, businesses, commercial establishments, and other properties.

Have a look at what a leaking toilet could be costing you:

Slow leak, barely visible0.54,400$5
Leak visible in bowl, no noise1.513,100$16
Visible leak, just audible652,600$63
Visible leak, constant hissing sound1196,400$116

*Figures taken from and based on a water price of $1.20 per KL.

Most people think that a leaking toilet is normal or that toilet maintenance is a small concern. The thing is if you look at the table above leaks can blow out your water bills. With a leaking toilet, you not only pay more that you actually consume – you’re also wasting our non-renewable natural resources.

Once discovering your need for a toilet repair service, it’s natural to want to have it fixed right away. Give us a call anytime of the day, any day of the week, and we promise to have your toilet and cistern fixed as soon as we can. We have expert and experienced plumbers waiting for your call and ready to be of service to you anytime!

At your most convenient time

While some people would want to have their toilets and cisterns fixed right away, this may not be possible for all clients. Since we provide toilet and cistern services for a wide range of clients, their availability to accommodate our plumbers vary, so with this, we adjust to the demands of our clients. You can call us to book for our toilet and cistern service. For restaurants, business centers, and other public establishments, we may undertake your toilet and cistern repairs when your property is vacated by most of your customers; or at anytime most convenient to you.

A plumber fixing a leaking toilet.

Tools and Equipment

Aside from having the best plumbers on board, we also have the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done. Our years of experience in the plumbing industry allows us to gain the knowledge and skills required for the job, so you do not have to worry about having to be the one to purchase the tools and other implements that we may call for to repair your toilet and cisterns. In addition to this, know that we always commit to undertaking any kind of plumbing service in the most efficient manner that’s beneficial to every client.

Replace if necessary

Though most people believe that repair is the only solution to leaking toilets and cisterns, we commit to providing the best solutions for the same problem, which sometimes call for a replacement. We install toilets, cisterns, or full toilet suites. We’ll make sure you only pay for what you actually need – no hidden charges, no extra costs on your end. You may call us to get a quote on this service.

Here at Absolute Plumbing Solutions, our goal is to provide you with the best kind of plumbing service. Our wide range of plumbing services has exposed us to a number of plumbing jobs, also allowing us to pick up more skills and experience along the way. If you want the best kind of toilet and cistern repair service, we are definitely the one to call!

With water prices seen to be rising, why waste more and more money each year when you can have your toilets repaired by Absolute Plumbing Solutions?